Vacation Planning

Normally, vacation planning is a pretty mundane affair, typically surrounding school closures, plant shutdowns and seasonal lows. Your relocation year will be different.

A relocation will create a unique challenge around how to manage vacations.and you can’t get out ahead of this issue fast enough.

Move dates can't always be executed around vacations. There are issues such as lease dates, mover availabilities, renovations, third party requirements, and so on that will drive that decision.

It’s the kind of overlooked detail that can lie dormant, then catch you off guard. If mis-handled, it can force you to re-asses your move dates, make you try to work some real magic with your employees or worse, alienate your employees.

There are many ways to approach this challenge, and each one has it’s pros and cons.

Many employers will, as a quick remedy, attempt to establish a vacation blackout. Outwardly, it is a simple enough solution, but realistically, it is fraught with deep waters. Can you actually enforce such a thing? What will it do to employee morale? Will it be perceived as heavy-handed? If you have a collective agreement, what are the provisions for reassigning vacations? Are there laws, regulations or guidelines that govern such actions?

Another option is for employers to look at providing inducements to re-arrange vacations; adding additional days-off or cash incentives may sufficiently address the needs on a voluntary basis.

Alternatively, re-evaluating key tasks to determine if they can be dealt with before or after the planned vacation periods to minimise the impact may mitigate some or all of the conflicts.

The very first item on the to-do list should be to look closely at the milestones on your schedule, and determine what variances you can live with, and ones you cannot. Once you know exactly what your real needs are, you can then determine how creative you will need to be to manage employee vacations.
If you are planning a move and are interested in assessing your readiness, we offer a No-Charge Starter Session.  During this Session, we will help you complete a self-assessment, outline the project elements necessary to enjoy a disruption-free move and review common threats, risks and pitfalls associated with relocations.

Our next article will be posted in 2 weeks and will address “Sourcing Move-Related Vendors".

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