Sourcing Move Related Vendors

At some point, it is going to become obvious that your relocation can’t be accomplished without accessing a new set of goods and service providers. These will be vendors that you currently don’t use, and will likely not use again until you move the next time.

Identifying who you will need should arise early if your are scoping out your move, identifying key tasks and nominating resources to address them. Any shortfalls can be highlighted, and commence the search for the right providers. Getting them on board quickly is important, as the sooner they can be sourced, the sooner they can bring their expertise and experience to your planning process.

New vendors might include:

Commercial Movers
Specialty/Heavy Movers
Furniture & Fixtures Vendors
Construction Contractors
Rack Certification Consultants
Sprinkler Coverage Assessment Consultants
In Transit Asset Insurance Providers
Move Notification Material Providers
Signage (interior/exterior) Companies
Voice/Data Infrastructure Consultants

Sourcing reliable and fair vendors can be facilitated by talking to colleagues who may have recently relocated, and asking your key employees to reach out to their network of contacts to identify potential providers.

Developing, at minimum, a Scope of Work, or better, a Request for Proposal, will be big help in determining the competency and experience of prospective vendors. This approach will also serve to frame out costs of the goods or services needed so both parties have a clear understanding of what is to be delivered, when, and at what price.

Our next article will be posted in 2 weeks and will address “Developing a Realistic Plan B".

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