SCS has deep experience in retail operations. We have worked with leading North American retailers in food, home furnishings, hard goods, wine and other categories. We’ve provided support in special situations such as start-ups, M&A and turnarounds, in addition to on-going operations.

All of SCS’ work is to build capability, avoid lost sales and minimize total costs.
Some examples of our work with retailers are:

  • Assessing operations and prioritizing improvement opportunities
  • Distribution network design and planning
  • DC capacity and operations improvement
  • Improving forecast accuracy and inventory productivity
  • Strengthening supplier performance and collaboration
  • Streamlining transportation including route optimization and fleet management
  • Organization design for supply chain management

SCS consultants have both consulting experience and direct management experience in retail supply chains. We understand all the factors that affect supply chain performance and we have the ability to address them.

We know that while retail businesses have many common challenges, they are not all the same; some retailers and categories face special challenges. Therefore it is important to view retail businesses as ‘total systems’. SCS experience allows us to do just that.

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