Purging To Save Money

Probably the least favourite pre-move activity is going through files, old office supplies, equipment and miscellaneous “detritus” and arranging for disposal or recycling.

It can be staggering how much stuff accumulates in storerooms, mezzanines, offices, racking, and dark corners of the warehouse over the years. Some items are legitimately kept due to legal or regulatory requirements, but the vast majority have been simply shunted off to storage because it was the solution of least resistance.

On practical and economic levels, it makes absolutely no sense to pack up and pay for moving junk to the new location only to throw it out once you arrive.

There should be two steps in this process; the first is to complete a “big sweep” several months before the move to identify what needs to be disposed of, and the second is to complete another review a few weeks before the move to ensure everything previously identified been disposed of, plus any last minute items. It is often surprising what will pop out of the woodwork as the move date approaches.

You will need an absolutely ruthless mindset that coldly determines the need or value of every single thing. If it can’t be justified to pack, move and store it, get rid of it.This may even be an opportunity to revive back burner initiatives, like scanning documents as a means to archive them. Hiring students to do the heavy lifting for this has proven to be a popular and effective means to churn through the mounds of file boxes.

Some items can even be repurposed to benefit others, such as donating old marketing materials and office supplies to public schools or community centres or selling off old electronic equipment.

Employee sales of old office furniture is a good way to rid yourself of obsolete desks, chairs and filing cabinets, with any proceeds going to support local charities.

And finally, there is the satisfaction from knowing that everything that is relocating has a home, and a purpose, in the new work environment.

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