Team Planning for Improvement

Sample Project


The Client
The client is a National retailer of home furnishings that has grown rapidly over the past decade.

The Need
The goal for supply chain has been to support business growth and merchandising changes while maintaining service levels and restraining costs. Members of the management team saw needs to improve in a number of supply chain areas. Given the time and money required for improvement, the team needed a shared commitment and priorities to enable progress.

The Approach
SCS was asked to help guide improvement planning for the supply chain, based on prior work with the client. We developed a team approach to assessing the supply chain and agreeing on priorities. The process included:

  • A customized method for systematically assessing the supply chain as a management team.
  • A work session with the executive team to complete the assessment and set priorities.
  • Planning the first phase of improvement and reporting results.

The Output

SCS provided a visual presentation of the supply chain assessment, clearly showing:

  • The strength of each function relative to business requirements.
  • The factors contributing to performance gaps.
  • The organizational context, for continuity.

SCS provided a plan for addressing the top improvement priorities.

The Impacts
The most important result of this work was a consensus regarding priorities for supply chain improvement. Once there was consensus, it was simpler to make decisions, allocate resources and implement change. Based on this work, the client was able to:

  • Initiate organizational changes in several areas.
  • Initiate information systems improvements in a key function.
  • Plan recruiting and development activities to strengthen the supply chain team.

The client will realize substantial savings and performance improvements when the solutions are fully implemented.