Supply Chain Team Development

Sample Project


The Client
The client is a large retailer of home furnishings, electronics and appliances.  The business operates nationally and has a substantial supply network.

The Need
Merchandising and product supply are managed jointly by the supply chain and merchandising teams. Management saw a need for improved decision-making on product supply, to meet promotional demand effectively, minimize inventories and effectively utilize DC capacity. Decision-making effectiveness was traced back to organizational effectiveness in key areas.

The Approach
SCS was asked to help develop the supply chain team and create the requisite capabilities. To do this, we worked with the VP, Supply Chain.  We:

  • Defined key activities and examined the current organization.
  • Developed organizational solutions and tested them with stakeholders.
  • Developed mechanisms to strengthen teamwork and decision-making.
  • Helped to plan and implement the selected solutions.

The Output

SCS provided complete information to support action, including:

  • Organization charts for the target units and role descriptions for key roles.
  • Enablers for improved collaboration and teamwork.
  • Action plans for all changes and for recruiting.

The Impacts

Based on this work, the client:

  • Initiated organizational changes.
  • Initiated recruiting activities.
  • Implemented changes to strengthen teamwork and decision-making.

The changes will result in permanent improvements in decision quality and supply chain performance.