Inventory Management Training

Sample Project


The Clients

The Clients tend to be medium to large retail or distribution organizations that have complex distribution networks and multiple distribution points.

The Situation

Management complained that there was a lack of alignment in terms of expectations that executive, management, supervisors, and front line workers had related to inventory levels and in stock positions.

We explained that this was a common theme within many organizations. There tended to be inventory goals that varied by level within the organization and that the micro goals didn’t necessarily reflect the corporate goals.

As well, many organizations deal with the fact that unrealistic expectations are made because of a lack of understanding to do with inventory management and procurement practices.

The Approach

A SCS professional trainer provides a tailored training program to all levels within an organization. That training includes many standard components that relate to any organization or industry.

Additionally, we focus on specific areas of concern within a company. This provides a workshop that directly relates to the organization which generates considerably more interaction than delivering a standard training workshop.

One concise inventory management training course can ensure the same message is getting to all involved. The intent is to provide additional knowledge and tools to allow inventory managers and expeditors to reduce inventories.

Included in the workshop are:

  • Theories and the principles of inventory management
  • Demand types and characteristics
  • Determining inventory levels (and the associated implications)
  • Procurement, purchasing & replenishment practices
  • Inventory control
  • Managing lead times
  • Measuring performance and goal setting

The Result

Inventory reductions inevitably follow these training programs. Other benefits tend to include:

  • A clear understanding of inventory management practices.
  • The ability for all levels within an organization to move forward with aligned objectives.
  • Increased in-stock positions.