In-Sourcing Transportation Management

Sample Project


The Client
The client is a global health products company with several businesses. It employed a 3rd party logistics service provider to manage distribution in Canada.

The Need
As a result of a major acquisition, the company re-assessed its approach to transportation management. To become a more active manager, it needed better tools and information. The client decided to examine several areas to enable in-sourcing and strengthening of the transportation function.

The Approach

SCS was asked to support the in-sourcing of transportation management. We:

  • Analyzed transportation service failures to determine root causes and potential solutions.
  • Updated the client’s carrier database.
  • Screened potential carriers to identify a set of feasible alternatives for each region.

The Output

SCS provided the new transportation management team with:

  • A set of solutions to minimize service failures
  • Validated, clear information on carriers
  • Guidance on application of the results to their freight management process.

The Results

Based on our work, the client was able to:

  • Reduce service failures and regain lost credibility with customers.
  • Enter into negotiations with carriers on key lanes.
  • Reduce freight spend and improve service levels.