Improve Service & Value

Sample Project


The Client
The client is a global provider of health and personal care products, distributing to Canadian retailers from coast to coast.

The Need
The acquisition of a major competitor increased shipment volumes by over 30%. Management wanted to assess the impact of increased volumes on its outsourced logistics arrangement and ensure it was maximizing value. SCS was asked to manage the process of going to the market.

The Approach

To get reliable results, SCS takes a systematic approach to tenders. In this case, we developed a plan to complete the RFP within a matter of weeks. We:

  • Started by clarifying the client’s requirements in all relevant areas
  • Prequalified service providers while preparing a formal RFP capturing present and future needs, key performance indicators and a framework for objective evaluation
  • Acted as the first point of contact for the prospective 3PL’s during the process
  • Coordinated vendor presentations and assisted in ranking the 3PL’s to facilitate the decision making process with the client

The Output
Working within the time constraints, SCS prepared and distributed the RFP documents. We assembled and analyzed vendor responses and formulated follow-up questions. SCS arranged site visits and presentations to further assess candidate capabilities. We also provided comparative information to help the client identify areas of superior performance.

The Impact

A 3PL provider was selected that will deliver on the client’s objectives, including trimming costs from the operation, meeting aggressive timelines and maintaining stringent service requirements.