Sample Project


The Industry
Twelve of Canada’s largest and best-known consumer products companies collaborated with Supply Chain Systems to complete this project – something that had not been done before in Canada.

The participating companies have similar product ranges and distribution channels, but different business models with different strengths.

The Need
The participants wanted to compare their performance across the full range of supply chain operations.  Most companies have a broad set of internal performance indicators that are reported and reviewed periodically.  Some conduct internal comparisons between operations in Canada and the United States.  However, few have reliable external comparative data.

By developing reliable numerical and qualitative comparisons, the participants can:

  • Understand their performance  relative to their peers
  • Identify areas of relative strength and opportunities to improve
  • Establish a baseline to gauge improvement over time
  • Broaden or adjust their internal performance metrics
  • Demonstrate the differences between the Canadian and US markets

The Approach
SCS played the role of facilitator for the benchmarking process.  The participants made all of the key decisions regarding the design of the study, the choice of metrics, the timing of the process and sharing of data.

SCS performed a number of functions to enable the process to be successfully completed.  We:

  • Planned and managed the process
  • Facilitated participant meetings and decisions
  • Designed and coordinated the data collection process to ensure confidentiality and reliability
  • Validated the data submitted by participants
  • Created individual company reports
  • Reviewed company results with the participants to ensure full understanding

The Results
All of the participants feel that they gained insight as a result of their participation in this study, feel they got significant value and plan on conducting follow-up studies every two years.

The Output
The participants in the study received complete sets of data, showing their individual confidential results relative to the comparator group.  The data included performance metrics in all of the relevant supply chain areas, and descriptive data in those areas where the group wished to show it.  The descriptive data was designed to provide key insights into operational differences between participants, or characteristics of the Canadian consumer products marketplace and industry.