The Balanced Inventory Program™

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1. Program Overview  2. How the Program is Unique  3. How the Program Works  4. Benefits of the Program

Companies struggle with making sure inventories are balanced to keep its customers satisfied, while minimizing inventory investment.

The Balanced Inventory Program™ helps you make more sales and minimize operating costs by setting up a balanced inventory system in your company.

At the heart of the program is The Dirty Dozen Tracking System™. It focuses on the 12 key business practices that will allow you to achieve balanced inventory. They include:

Inventory Policy Inventory Segmentation Lead Time Management
PO Management Managing Variability Required Inventory
Product Lifecycle Management Demand Planning Replenishment Planning
Inventory Control Integration Performance Management


We created this advanced program based on our experience working with dozens of clients over two decades.  We have learned that most companies struggle to have balanced inventory.  They either have too much of a SKU or not enough. This imbalance can cause customer complaints and lost sales.  This also drives up the cost of inventory and labour.  This also cause stress within the organization. As a result, the company can lose money, and growth is impaired.

However, if you create a balance inventory system you will achieve better results.  You will have the right amount of each SKU on hand.  This will improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.  This will also minimize operating costs and your whole supply chain system will much smoother.

That’s why we recommend you do three things. 

  1. Complete a diagnostic of your current inventory management practices (balanced or unbalanced?).
  2. Create a blueprint to achieve balanced inventory.
  3. Set up an integrated measurement system.

If you want to work on these steps with us, we offer a no-charge Starter Session(s).  During these sessions, we will help you assess your current inventory management practices, develop a preliminary business case and start working on your blueprint.

Checkout the sample deliverables of the "no charge" Starter Session.

We have two choices for you: basic and advanced.  For the basic, we can provide you with standard supply chain consulting.  We can help you tackle any specific problem or conduct a standard diagnostic.  However, the advanced program we created, The Balanced Inventory Program™, takes everything to a much higher level and is only available from us.

It is for growth oriented and progressive companies who want to achieve competitive advantage. Progressive companies understand very clearly how supply chain excellence can have a major, positive impact on its bottom line. If your company sounds like this, you might be interested in the advanced program.

Would you like to schedule the Starter Session?

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