The Importance of a Smooth Move

You’ve found the right property, it works for your employees and will provide the space your company needs to grow for many years. It’s all over but the moving…how hard can it be?

For many companies, relocating their operations can become hugely stressful, monopolize key resources at the least favorable times, and threaten the ability to maintain customer service standards during the transition.

This series of articles is geared to offering concrete insights into the many elements that will contribute to a successful relocation. Over the course of the series, we will address key points that can affect the outcome of your move and will relate directly to containing costs, managing risks and ensuring a minimum of disruption.

  1. Assessing Internal Capabilities
  2. Know Your Decision Points
  3. Manage the Risk
  4. The Importance of Rigorous Progress Review and Transparency
  5. Aligning Move Dates with Internal Events
  6. Engaging Commercial Movers
  7. Vacation Planning
  8. Sourcing Move Related Vendors
  9. Developing a Realistic Plan “B”
  10. Purging to Save Money

If you are planning a move and are interested in assessing your readiness, we offer a No-Charge Starter Session.  During this Session, we will help you complete a self-assessment, outline the project elements necessary to enjoy a disruption-free move and review common threats, risks and pitfalls associated with relocations.

Our first article has been posted and is titled “Assessing Internal Capabilities”.

For more information about our The Smooth Move Program™, contact us at or call 905.454.8529.

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