The Importance of Rigorous Process Review

You have invested a lot of time in creating a solid project plan; all the key elements have been identified, stakeholders have been involved and are committed, and everyone knows what has to be done. It's all over but the celebrations.

In reality, executing on the plan is the hardest part…making sure that what has been set down on paper becomes reality, and it is often the most under-estimated part of the whole relocation process.

The first step is to identify a Project Manager who is right for the role; skilled in managing people and events, runs a tight meeting and whose personality is somewhere between Mother Theresa and Genghis Khan.

One of the major benefits of a comprehensive project plan is that it identifies precisely who is responsible for which tasks, how they link together, and when they are due to be completed.

This visibility, to the entire team and the organisation, makes it very difficult to hide slipped dates and cost over-runs, presuming the Project Manager stays on top of the schedules and looks ahead to upcoming deadlines to confirm actual progress.

Regular project review meetings with stakeholders and contributors are essential, as this is the forum for the entire team to stay abreast of overall progress and raise any concerns that they may have on upcoming milestones. Action items arising from the meetings need to be published quickly, and must be accompanied with ownership and due dates to be truly effective.

The Project Manager needs far-ranging powers, and that authority can only come from the executive team. It is not sufficient to introduce the PM Project Manager as “our guy/gal in charge”.
The Project Manager needs to meet regularly with the C-suite to report on targets met, threats to overall progress and any persons or initiatives that are struggling/resisting. This will not only give the executive team a heads-up, but will also provide them the opportunity to intervene in time to smooth out potential problems.

A project environment of “No Place to Hide’, coupled with personal accountability, will assure that everyone on the project team takes on the right mindset for success.

If you are planning a move and are interested in assessing your readiness, we offer a No-Charge Starter Session.  During this Session, we will help you complete a self-assessment, outline the project elements necessary to enjoy a disruption-free move and review common threats, risks and pitfalls associated with relocations.

Our next article will be posted in 2 weeks and will address “Aligning Move Dates with Internal Events”.

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