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Is your supply chain a strategic fit?

Supply Chain optimization is too often narrowly focused on the Supply Chain function itself, instead of recognizing all functions as vital parts of the ’Strategic Supply Chain’.  Of course, every Supply Chain leader strives to ensure they’re ‘doing the right things’.  But often, they and their CEOs acknowledge the various business functions are not as aligned as they could be.

This produces big challenges in Supply Chain focusing on the ‘right things’…and Big Opportunities!

Our G4G (Green4Green) offering ensures that your company is doing the “right things” before expending valuable energy on “doing them right”.  The intent for G4G is not to simply provide incremental improvement; it’s about providing transformational value by ensuring relevant strategic Supply Chain focus.

It's about: Significantly Improving Results -Reduce Cost; Improve Service; Lift Sales 

G4G ensures SC is fully synchronized with vendors, marketing, sales and service, and with customers, creating a significant opportunity to improve customer service and reduce costs.  Also, when the business understands the SC cost drivers, then processes, policies and standards can be refocused in a customer sensitive manner to dramatically reduce costs. We call these ‘toggle’ solutions.

Our unique engagement process delivers material results, respecting your business strategy, your value proposition, and your customers.

To schedule the no-charge strategy session, please send an email to info@supplychainsystems.com

Download Program Overview

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