Assessing Internal Capabilities

A major threat to the outcome of a relocation is to underestimate the required effort and expertise. A corporate relocation requires dedicated planning by individuals who understand the process, have had recent experience at it, have the time necessary to manage the project, have direct experience managing physical moves, and are senior enough to handle obstacles and make necessary decisions on the spot. All too often, the responsibility gets assigned to someone who is already fully employed doing their regular work, and the project gets shunted to a file on their desk.

Add to this mix is the reality that specific skillsets and experience are essential, and the result is the potential for disaster. As decision points and deadlines loom, the demands of the relocation will suddenly present themselves to an unprepared management group, often resulting in hurried, even poor decisions being made.

An early recognition that this isn’t a walk in the park, coupled with sober self-assessment, will go a long way to allocating the right resources.

The management team should be asking the following types of questions, and be brutally honest in their answers:

  1. Does our company have a solid history of managing projects successfully?
  2. Who has the time and expertise to manage this?
  3. How forgiving are our customers of disruption?
  4. What happens if we miss our dates?
  5. How well do we communicate across company departments?

If the answer to these questions aren’t resoundingly positive, it would be prudent to start lining up the right players. Is there a sister division or company that can lend assistance? Can you restructure roles and responsibilities to free up people to allocate sufficient time and attention to this? Do you need to consider outside help?

As much as a potential learning experience this kind of venture can be, the competency curves are steep, and there is but one chance to get it right. Starting with the right resources will go a long way to ensuring a positive outcome.

If you are planning a move and are interested in assessing your readiness, we offer a No-Charge Starter Session.  During this Session, we will help you complete a self-assessment, outline the project elements necessary to enjoy a disruption-free move and review common threats, risks and pitfalls associated with relocations.

Our next article will be posted in 2 weeks and will address “Know Your Decision Points”.

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