About Us

Supply Chain Systems is a consulting firm specializing in supply chain performance improvement. The firm was established in 1995 to provide no-nonsense consulting to clients in the consumer goods sectors, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our North American clients include companies in consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, home furnishings and other categories, as well as logistics service providers.

We optimize operations, assets and management in all areas, using advanced techniques and real world know-how. SCS works across the whole supply chain, from end to end and from top to bottom.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value and we commit to superior client service and honesty.Here are some situations where SCS delivers results:

  • Increasing value for your transportation spend
  • Maximizing warehouse efficiency
  • Strengthening forecasting and inventory management
  • Optimizing your distribution network

SCS consultants have both broad supply chain knowledge and specialized expertise in transportation management, DC optimization, forecasting and inventory management, 3PL’s and other areas. This gives SCS the ability to handle assignments of wide scope or narrow focus with the same professionalism.

SCS consultants all have decades of experience on top of engineering and other professional qualifications. We’ve “been there, done that” dozens of times before so we’re not learning at your expense. We’re developing solutions and helping you implement them so you can see and measure the results as quickly as possible.

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